About Us

Kazakhstan Pools is one of the best known and discussed players lotto.I is not unfounded!

After all, only we have created the conditions for what would be your pastime does not clouded. Here you will meet are always qualified and courteous staff. It offers the main hall and several cozy VIP rooms.In the main hall, we can offer you to try his fortune in any of the 25 card tables and roulette 8. Russian Poker, Oasis Poker, Moscow Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Black Jack, American roulette And! In the first in

Central Asia! Terminals for remote play American Roulette-«Alaska».

Only in Kazakhstan Pools every day, every hour razigryvaetsya $ 1,000 monthly, $ 100 000 every 3 months and car Mercedes-Benz

In each of the three VIP rooms you can relax over a game of complete solitude ...